Outstanding Contribution 12 Years: Recording the Glory of CCRM

Since the establishment of CCRM (Color Reproductive Medicine Center in Colorado) in 1987, Dr. Schoolcraft has continued to explore the field of reproductive medicine and has achieved remarkable achievements.

CCRM currently has advanced research in reproductive medicine in the US clinical and identification fields and has created a success rate in the leading world.

These footprints record the growth of CCRM and become a medal for CCRM:

1987: The first case of gamete intrafallopian tube transplantation and fertilization of the oviduct
1990: The first baby born with a donated egg was born in Colorado
1993: Artificial assisted hatching is achieved in CCRM Colorado, a technology that has made an outstanding contribution to improving IVF success rates.
1994: The first case of pregnancy caused by single sperm implantation technology was produced in CCRM Colorado
1996: Leading the world's blastocyst cultivation technology greatly improved the success rate of IVF technology
2007: Became the first clinic in Colorado to freeze eggs and embryos using vitrification technology
2007: The first baby born with frozen eggs was born in Colorado
2007: Combining our advanced blastocyst biopsy, comprehensive chromosome screening, and vitrification technology to achieve the world's first euploid frozen embryo transfer
2008: Using comprehensive chromosome screening technology, CCRM became the first clinic in the world to offer high success rate IVF treatment for women aged 38 to 42 years.
2014: Became the first clinic in Colorado to provide fertility testing for women. The purpose of testing is to make these women more aware of their fertility potential.
2018: Launched the first genetic and disease defense laboratory. CCRM is the only reproductive center in the United States with a dedicated internal genetic laboratory and a team of molecular geneticists

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